• Typophone 4 For iphone4S - [Theme]

    Jun 11, 2014

    For those that can't get the "slide to unlock" text to disapear then do this:

    1. Locate file "SpringBoard.strings" in System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/English.lproj/
    (Or Sv.Iproj if the language is Swedish, for example)

    2. edit using Notepad and remove the text "slide to unlock" in the brackets on the first line.

    When you first open it you see this:
    ""AWAY_LOCK_LABEL" = "slide to unlock";...."

    You want it to change it so it looks like this:
    ""AWAY_LOCK_LABEL" = "";...."

  • 在DA上面找到的一个代码,当初是用在VISTA上面的,但是必须要先运行这个软件才能看到透明效果


    #include "windows.h"

    HINSTANCE hFuncInst;
    typedef struct _MARGINS
    int cxLeftWidth;
    int cxRightWidth;
    int cyTopHeight;
    int cyBottomHeight;

    int main()
    hFuncInst = LoadLibrary("dwmapi.DLL");
    MYFUNC DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea;
    MARGINS mar = { -1};
    DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea = (MYFUNC)GetProcAddress(hFuncInst, "DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea");
    HWND hwnd = FindWindow(0, "管理员: C:\\Windows\\system32\\cmd.exe");
    if (hwnd != NULL) DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea(hwnd, &mar);
    Glass CMD for Vista

  • 2 System files included (SP1 compatible)
    4 Wallpapers included

    32bits and 64bits compatible
    Taskbar on Bottom, Top and Left compatible
    Window Color available (It's supposed to be without ! Apply the theme again if it appears blue. Corners may have problems if you use it !)


  • Symbian series 60 3rd主题一款

    适用机型:Nokia E71, Nokia E66, Nokia 5320 XpressMusic , Nokia 6124 classic, Nokia 6650, Nokia N78, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia 6220 classic, Nokia N96, Nokia N82, Nokia E51, Nokia N95-3 NAM, Nokia N81, Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia 6121 classic, Nokia 6120 classic, Nokia 5700 XpressMusic, Nokia N77, Nokia E61i, Nokia E65, Nokia 6110 Navigator, Nokia E90 Communicator, Nokia N93i, Nokia N76, Nokia 6290, Nokia N75, Nokia N91 8GB, Nokia N95, Nokia E62, Nokia E50, Nokia 5500, Nokia N93, Nokia N73, Nokia N80, Nokia N92, Nokia N71, Nokia E70, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia 3250, Nokia N91.

  • Rainmeter皮肤一个,大家下载主程式安装好以后,注意皮肤文件夹是在C:\Documents and Settings\Chaos\My Documents\Rainmeter 下面的,安装皮肤的时候复制到这里,然后在Rainmeter里Refresh All一下就可以了